one down, _____ to go

As of 6:30 PM Thursday NYU's spring break officially began for me, even though I tutored yesterday morning and visited campus briefly for a quick drop-off/pick-up. The current weather bodes well for temperatures to be ever on the up-and-up, at least until they reach sixty-five, seventy, and that means the bike(s) can ride again. I might even begin one of my personal summer projects early: learning to skateboard. No helmet, no kneepads. What sneaks will I wear? Most likely the muddy, formerly white, chucks. It will also be a relief to run simply in a teeshirt and shorts, although I cannot find any of my multiple bandanas (short hair troubles) and have been wanting for a new pair of running shoes for at least a year. My tax return and recent happinesses seem to suggest that I should just bite the bullet and buy. I am, after all, finally getting my first passport today, a formidable expense; and just the other day I bought myself a Fjallraven back-sack after having accepted the imminent fraying of my 1960s Hungarian messenger bag.

NY, 1960s, shot by Bill Eldridge

Cali, 1970s

Honey-freckled skin! Another goal of this short holiday is to read some books "for fun" - I had originally set the number at two, but have already finished Aleksandar Hemon's Love and Obstacles (in one day) and, just this morning, began to read The Crack-up, a collection of essays by/about F. Scott Fitzy. It feels wonderful to move, to commit, to be productive, to feel just fine with how I conduct my days. All of this on top of my having been working on writing and transcribing more of my memoir, applying for summer internships and jobs, watching good films (although Videodrome was so fucked, no surprise there, Cronie-berg), contemplating the future, and you all know how that goes. It's just that things are moving ever forward and I am talking with new people and learning so much about humility and tempering my moods. All good. Great things.

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