good bye Chicago

Only one more week in this apartment. It seems serendipitous for the hot water to have turned itself off, but last night’s shower was so cold it made me YUCK. The maintenance man will absolutely have to answer his phone today coz both levers bring forth cold liquid and I am uninterested in suffering through bath time.

I am sure the kittens will miss this place more than me and Nick combined; they each have a ’spot’, have gotten in the habit of checking each open window in a sight-seeing pattern that I doubt they ever really forsook, except if a bird perched on one particular sill, which I remember happening only once, and they just sat and stared at the robin for an hour because it did not move and I couldn’t tell if it saw them as well, or even perceived the still forms watching it from behind the pane.

Of course the rent is so-low and each room has multiple windows and it’s a quiet neighborhood, which seems to have been tucked away and neverminded, and I have enjoyed sleeping well without the scream of car horns and trains and teenage no-goods throwing parties in the alley. 

And Bleeding Heart Bakery two blocks down the road with their vegan Take-A-Hike scone, cakeballs, cupcakes; the Chicago Diner with its Radical Seitan Reubens, vegan desserts (CARROT CAKE) and also which is where Spex gave me my engagement ring; and Victory’s Banner, which I suppose we will miss the absolute most, their vegan french toast and wonderful wraps and the cutest little waitress in the whole damn town - we have spent much time and money at this place, almost every Sunday that we could, and we will definitely go this week for one last cup of coffee.

More than anything I just want to be in New York City and meet all the mad, crazy blokes which make the place interesting and perilous. My graduate studies await. I want to be out of the Midwest an’ I wanna have multiple excuses to wear platform pumps and pink lip stain. To live in that city, with my husband (come October), will be rippin’ roarin’ kickin’. Good riddance, Chicago - you were a cheap date but that’s the only compliment I’ll afford.


  1. So pleased I had the chance to experience two of the above-mentioned spots with you! From my limited experience, I like Chicago, and would not rule it out as a place to live someday, even if you and Nick have. Maybe that's just me aching to return to the real Midwest...

  2. haha awesome blog!! :) just randomly ran into your it and love your posts! :) i was just in new york last week for a couple days on a whim! :) and love it and miss it so so much!! :) hope all is well!! have a great weekend!

    check out our blog! :)

    - Jessel